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Upcoming Shows
The Fixin' To, May 28th
The Atlantis Lounge, June 11th
Adelante Farmers Market 20th Anniversary, July 21st
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The Atlantis Lounge, Aug 10th

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Listen to a demo sampler of PDX Latin Rock Exchange

Dance music for private parties, weddings and corporate events

Latin Rock Exchange plays Latin rock classics that we all know and love from Santana, War, Barrabas, Yesca, The Buena Vista Social Club, Jobim, Bublé, and contemporary hits, always with a Latin percussion flavor. High energy for every special event.

Check out an audio sampling of the band's set (above).

Now booking private gigs and special events. 2-3 hours of music:
$1000 for the trio. Bass, drums, keyboards.
$3000 for the six-piece band.
$5000 for the ten-piece band (w/horn section and more percussionists).


Click here to email your booking inquiry

Latin Rock Exchange is:
Mark / percussion and director

Justin / guitars

Roney / drums and percussion

Erik/ bass
Aidan / keyboards
Matt / percussion and drums
Elie / vocals and percussion

James / saxes and flutes

Sammy Lett / saxes and flutes

Other players include:
David Patterson / guitars
Alex Shakeri / keyboards

Read or download our electronic press kit (EPK)

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