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Latin Rock Exchange

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Sit in with the band at The Alberta Abbey!

Musicians of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to sign up to play with the band.

    Hello musicians.

    Would you like to sit in with the ten-piece Latin Rock Exchange on The Alberta Abbey's huge stage and fabulous 400 seat venue? 

   This is the page of resources to learn the songs from. Find a song from the band's playlist that you would like to perform with the band, and then email us your request below.  A referral or audition clip would be useful too. This will not be an open jam. Those who wish to sit in will need to be prepared.

   At the gig, the doors will open at 5.30. From 6pm to 8pm the band will become the Latin Rock Youth Exchange, where local teenage and college players will sit in with the band.

   Then at 8pm until 10pm, the over 21 players are invited to have already signed up here, to sit in with us.

   Yes, it's an early start and end. This way we can encourage families with kids of all ages to come for the great pizza, sodas and full bar, Then the older fans can get home earlier too!

This is the Spotify playlist of songs to learn, exactly as these arrangements are performed, except where we stretch out for solos:

This is a Youtube playlist:

A few notes;

We play Dos Gardenias in Em or Gm

Turn to Love is in Fm

Click here to send us an email to sit in with the band!

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