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PDX Latin Rock Exchange

Band Members Resource Page
Currently booking gigs into 2024


Full band rehearsals are every first Monday of the month from 3pm - 6pm. The next one is Dec 4th.

Sectional band rehearsals and recording sessions are every Monday 6-10pm.

Nathan, Roney, Owen, Sayvionne, Mark and Justin

    Hello fellow PDX Latin Rock Exchange musicians.

    This is a page of resources to learn songs and get a sense of what the plan ifor this project. If you are interested in being a part of the band, we welcome you.  Now that we have already rehearsed the first set with the core band of six, and have started to book gigs, we do not plan to rehearse very often anymore.

   We still need more players, as there are definitely larger budgets from weddings for larger bands, and there will always be scheduling conflicts and substitution needs, so we always welcome new musicians.                         


    Simply drop me a line (email link below) and learn the sets from the Spotify playlists below. Those are our guides completely, There are various basic charts available, but any player worth their talent can easily make their own with the resources available online. It will take quite a lot of self-preparation to commit to the project. As much as I want the band to sound like a tight kick-ass jam band, it takes discipline and homework to sound that good.

     To ensure a tight band worthy of $300-500 per player (yes, $300 each is a minimum and weddings will often pay more), we need to be well-practiced and well-prepared so that rehearsal time is not used to learn songs at all. Instead, rehearsals will be used to go through finished songs and work on where to stretch out solos, dynamics, balance, theatrics, and some choreography. Since most of us are in this to make a semblance of a living, all our time is valuable, so please be prepared and on time for performances and rare rehearsals. Now that we have about 90 minutes ready, we need to learn another 90 minutes of music. in set 2  Please refer to the Spotify playlist links below for new material to learn over the holidays. Until then, we will have to stretch what we have into whatever gig we get.

   Here is a link to the 2 Spotify set lists of the original tunes that these covers are paying tribute to:. We will keep to the keys and arrangements from these originals so that we are all practicing to the same songs. Most of the songs will include group chorus chants and opportunities to grab some hand percussion where necessary.

Spotify Latin Rock Set One

Spotify Latin Rock Set Two

    Below are rough mixes of all 29 of the songs on the 2 set lists. They are fairly dry and straightforward rhythm tracks.  Some are more finished. I have already begun to replace most of the tracks with live players and record live rhythm tracks from scratch. There will be a lot of space for improvisational solos.  For now, though, the band is concentrating on being gig-ready by mid-November, so these mixes serve only as another guide for the song arrangements, which are tied to the same Spotify playlists.

Many thanks,


Dos GardeniasIsolina Carrillo - Buena Vista Social Club cover
00:00 / 03:07
TuyoRodrigo Amarante cover
00:00 / 02:40
No One To Depend OnSantana cover
00:00 / 05:37
Guajira 2023Santana cover
00:00 / 05:51
Spill the WineWar cover
00:00 / 04:11
Lost Due To Incompetence 2023 - 2_25_23, 10.16 AMYesca cover
00:00 / 03:59
Oye Como VaSantana cover
00:00 / 04:29
Flor De Luna 2023 - 3_1_23, 11.01 AMSantana
00:00 / 05:14
Turn to LoveBarrabas cover
00:00 / 05:01
AquamarineSantana cover
00:00 / 06:04
In These Shoes no voxKirsty MacColl
00:00 / 03:41
The Sensitive Kind 2023 B - Quiet voxJJ Cale cover
00:00 / 05:18
Samba Pa Ti 2023 - 11423, 10.48 PMSantana cover
00:00 / 04:57
Smooth 2023 - No VoxSantana cover
00:00 / 05:02
Waters of March - 11923, 9.26 AMJobim cover
00:00 / 03:58
SwayBublé cover
00:00 / 03:12
Cancion del Mariaches 2023 - 11623, 6.14 AMLos Lobos - Banderas cover
00:00 / 02:11
Are You Going With Me - 11523, 7.02 AMMetheny Group cover
00:00 / 06:04
Ipanema 2023 - Instrumental versionJobim cover
00:00 / 05:26
Cajun Moon - Sayvionne voxJJ Cale
00:00 / 05:40
Havana - PDXLRECamila Cabello
00:00 / 05:17
I Scare Myself - PDXLREThomas Dolby version
00:00 / 06:06
Quando - PDXLREBuble version
00:00 / 05:00
Ran Kan Kan - PDXLRETito Puente
00:00 / 08:10
Black Magic Woman - PDXLRE - 11_13_23, 8.34 AMSantana
00:00 / 06:41
Half a minute - PDXLRE - 11_13_23, 8.29 AMMatt Bianco
00:00 / 03:50
The Horse - PDXLRE - 11_13_23, 9.05 AMBarrabas
00:00 / 05:44
They All Went To Mexico - PDXLRE - 11_13_23, 9.02 AMSantana & Willie Nelson
00:00 / 05:06
Perhaps - PDXLRE - 11_13_23, 9.27 AMDaniel Boaventura version
00:00 / 02:58
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