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Seeking players for a community house band

Hello gentle musicianfolk,

I am creating a human house band for Bibimbap3 restaurant on Friday nights. 914 NE Broadway, PDX.  The restaurant features Korean cuisine and individual table BBQs. It's a lot of fun to eat and has a great atmosphere. Son de Cuba immediately booked us every month for a year, they loved it so much. 

I am looking for a community of players who can substitute each other so that the band stays diverse and allows players to come and go to work other gigs (like a Wrecking Crew). So there would be about three drummers, 3 bass players, a bunch of guitarists, keyboardists, percussionists and singers and horn players.


The live band will be a four or five piece with an additional horn section where available.

Each player will earn a minimum of $100 guarantee from the house, with the potential to make more with door cover, tips, Venmo, merch, and music, after we gain a great reputation. As a musician myself, I believe the best players are worth $200 per gig, each. I would love to get us all to that point, but we also need to be really good. To that end, I would expect everyone to know all their parts to a song, well practiced before we rehearse together. I do not want to rehearse a lot. Premium players will know their parts so well that any rehearsal should just be running through and fine-tuning details. I do not want players to learn their parts during other peoples' rehearsal time.


I have made Spotify playlists to make two sets of music. These lists will change and grow as we get going. In the meantime, they cover a suggested mix of genres to get us started. To audition, please learn as many as you can from the first ten songs of set 2 in order, key and arrangement. The first set is quieter than the second. We would play from 6-9 each Friday, beginning once enough players have amassed to perform our first practices.

The music is varied and danceable. A high level of professionalism and sharp (possibly uniform and costume) dressing would be expected. We would also likely be the backing band for drag shows and burlesque events.

I do not have charts or sheet music.  However,  the internet offers many free ways to chart songs for you. is one that is great for this. You just give them a youtube link to the song (check to make sure it's the same version as our playlist) and it will generate charts for most instruments automatically. Such an awesome resource to have these days!



I am working on a PA and backline of amps. The venue is a patio-style restaurant, so volume needs to be controlled, and dynamics respected, especially once the side of the patio opens up in the spring.


Set 1 Acoustic dinner set (with brushes on drums):


Set 2 Full band dance set:

Let me know if you are interested. I already have several of the songs built as backing tracks, so you can come by on a Wed, Thursday, or Friday night to audition at the restaurant with me between 6-9, or send an audition video of you playing along to the Spotify playlist. I need several drummers, bass players, guitarists keys, vox, so if you know you can learn all the songs easily, and fit right into the groove, there will be work for you.

Please keep communication to email, where I can better organize Bibimbap3’s music. 

I want to work hard at this, but we gotta have fun first and foremost!

Also, the food at Bibimbap3 is great, especially the BBQ. Please check out the restaurant.    They are closed on Mondays to serve food to the houseless. 


Many thanks,


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