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Friday Night JamZ 


    Hello Friday night Jammers.

     I have been hosting an open jam on Fridays in my (partner's) basement. They have been popular and I am getting better and better recordings.

     I have a full drum kit, Latin percussion, 5-string bass, and keyboard controller, running, and recording Logic Pro X with all instruments separated on their own tracks. You will need to bring your own instruments and amps.

Here  are some guides for Friday Night JamZ


• Please bring your own amps, keyboards, and instruments. I have a drum kit, a 5-string bass, and a lot of hand percussion and Latin percussion.

• Don't let the cats out! Keep the backdoor closed.

• Limit to two guitarists at a time, please.

• Understand that this is not my house, so please do not invite people I have not met. Playing musicians preferred. There really isn't any space for an audience inside.

• Please respect the neighborhood and neighbor's driveway. Don't make phone calls out in the alley.

• Please bring your own drink and weed and clean up after yourselves. Make use of the trash and recycling cans. No open containers in the studio, please. Use closeable containers and keep them well away from gear and instruments, preferably on the floor.

• Control the volume. It's a small space. You won't need to play loud to be heard.

• Please enjoy hanging out on the porch.  I suggest using the time to plan your next jam.

• I am getting better and better multitrack recordings out of these sessions, try to use the time wisely and efficiently.


Many thanks,


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